How the Stimulus Bill Could Kill You

When you read through the nearly seven hundred pages of the House stimulus bill it is easy to begin dozing off after a few hundred billion dollars worth of run-of-the-mill wasteful government spending.  One has to keep a keen eye out for the components of the bill that don't just steal your money, but that may actually do you great physical harm, if not kill you outright.On page 151 of this legislative pork-fest is one of the clandestine nuggets of social policy manipulation that are peppered throughout the bill.  Section 9201 of the stimulus package establishes the "Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research."  This body, which would be made up of federal bureaucrats will "coordinate the conduct or support of comparative effectiveness and related health services research."Sounds benign enough, but the man behind the Coordinating Council, Health and Human Services Secretary-designate (and tax cheat) Tom Daschle, was kind...(Read Full Article)