Economics, Evidence and Enlightenment

With today's economy, wouldn't it be nice if we knew how to make an economy grow?  To know what works and what doesn't?  Well, we do.  We just prefer to ignore the truth.What works is economic freedom.  What doesn't work is more government.I'm sorry that those words sound simplistic and like Republican "ideology" (or at least what used to be Republican ideology - before the Bailout Fairy arrived).  But they have the benefit of being true.  If you were to start from scratch, ignoring all ideology and going simply by the evidence of what produces prosperity, you would come to that conclusion: more freedom and less government lead to greater wealth and prosperity.It's not the ideology.  It's the evidence.Unfortunately, we are ignoring the evidence and rushing headlong in the wrong direction.  Alec Baldwin and others threatened to move to France when George W. Bush became President.  They didn't need to.  France moved...(Read Full Article)