Clinton Grovels at the Panda's Door

Hillary Clinton, Presidential Candidate, March 2007:"Clinton is making America's dependence on Chinese investors a central theme of her 2008 message. She took to the CNBC airwaves Thursday [March 1, 2007] to declare that America was undergoing ‘a slow erosion of our own economic sovereignty.'  In a letter to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke, Clinton said Wednesday's stock market sell-off ‘underscores the exposure of our economy to economic developments in countries like China. As we have been running trade and budget deficits, they have been buying our debt and in essence becoming our banker'... She argued in her letter to Paulson and Bernanke that Congress and the president had to ‘ensure foreign governments don't own too much of our public debt.'" SourceHillary Clinton, Secretary of State, February 2009:"Clinton told [China's President] Hu she felt like [sic] a beginning of ‘a new era' of bilateral...(Read Full Article)