A Month of B.O.

Has it been but a single B.O. Presidential moon?  It's hard to believe the sheer volume of hyperactive bumbling the Obama administration has crammed into the space of a mere 30 some days.   Perhaps it's the technological superiority of the Obamanauts that has enabled them to ratchet up the level of administrative dysfunction so thoroughly.Recall the dismay expressed by Obie One's staffers when they found that the White House technology apparently consisted of a few rickety abacuses and an intercom made of a series of tin cans cobbled together with string. While this primitive gear may have sufficed for the Bush administration to do their cipherin' out by the White House cement pond, it was woefully unacceptable to the hip new Prez and his Windy City Rollers.With their exceptional technical wizardry, the new administration was able to nominate nearly twice as many Cabinet candidates as previous Presidential administrations, sometimes several to a single...(Read Full Article)