The Iran - Hamas Connection

Since December 27, the Palestinians have taken a pounding unlike anything they have experienced since the war of 1948.  Hundreds are dead and thousands wounded as a result of this unexpected war in which Hamas has drawn Israel. Reminiscent of the 2006 war with Hezbollah, this Hamas war of 2008 raises numerous questions as to the timing, motives and objectives (not to mention wisdom) of hurling hundreds of rockets at Israel following the December 19 expiration of the ceasefire.  One of the most critical of the questions is whether Tehran was behind Hamas' escalation leading to the Israeli retaliation.With the war only days underway, evidence for Tehran's explicit complicity has yet to be established. But terrorism expert Walid Phares has argued that from a strategic perspective, Iran's involvement can be expected. "Hamas is a direct ally of Iran and strategic decisions by the jihadi group are made in Tehran...just as we saw in Lebanon in 2006 -Tehran is pulling the...(Read Full Article)