The Fear of Doing Nothing

A lot of our economic troubles could be solved if we could just keep our emotions in check.  Seriously. It seems that fear, greed and the thirst for power have swept the country like an airborne virus. The fear of doing nothing rules the day -- not logic, not study, not knowledge or analysis. Certainly not patience. Our leaders, whoever they are, are acting like third grade schoolchildren who have been told by their teacher that a snake is loose in the room. And by the way, wouldn't you like to know who that teacher is?  Who is in charge?Our two presidents, in collusion with our Fed Chairman and our two Treasury Secretaries, have now asked Congress to send more good money after bad. I can almost forgive Fed Chairman Bernanke, who seems to be burdened by knowing too much about the Great Depression, but what about the other guys?  One fact, and one fact only, seems crystal clear -- they don't know what they are doing and what the outcome of their actions will be.  We...(Read Full Article)