The Diamond Anniversary of Dehumanization

Seventy-five years ago this month, one of the most insidious laws in human history came into effect in Nazi Germany.  The innocent sounding name was The Law for the Prevention of Hereditary Diseased Offspring.   It was the ghastly pinnacle of an unholy theory of human eugenics.  Darwinism -- not the Theory of Evolution, per se, but the sinister notion that natural selection made God superfluous -- liberated man from his obligation to treat fellow men as special creatures in a divinely ordered universe.In 1915, Canon McClure in his book, Germany's War Inspirers, noted how Germans slid toward eugenics as a replacement of eugenics for traditional religion.  He talks of people openly calling for eugenics having "strong claims to become an orthodox religious tenet of the future" and "Eugenics becoming a religious dogma among mankind."  He also noted that the nihilist Nietzsche was a "pioneer of Eugenics."  In his 1943 book,...(Read Full Article)