Reality Check: Single Mothers and Ann Coulter's 'Venomous Tone'

Is Ann Coulter being mean-spirited to single mothers? The famous author is in the news again with a book to sell, and TV presenters are "offended". Or, at least they're pretending to be. Prepare for crocodile tear floods. Lost for words, the NBC's TV heads don't know how to respond to Coulter's evidence because sociology is on her side (again). So this time they're attacking her tone. The latest TV spin is simple: "Sure, we all agree with Ann that the majority of jailbirds are from single mother homes, and that this is a family security issue, but we don't like her tone." Yeah that's it. They "don't like her tone." So for reason's sake let's quickly review nine unvarnished statements related to single mothers and rebellious teens. You have every right to judge Coulter's "venomous tone" later, but let's carefully analyse these words like objective analysts. Here they are (in no particular order): Politically incorrect statement, number one, page...(Read Full Article)