Productive stimulus: Fast-track nuclear power

So unemployment is rising in the US and the pace of economic growth has turned negative.  Congress and Mr. Obama's first thoughts turn to Keynesian economics which prescribe an increase in governmental spending to "prime the pump."  While the wisdom and efficacy of this course is still subject to debate, even after 80 years, it looks like there will be no stopping a huge federal stimulus package from Congress.   What is open to debate is what form and direction should the stimulus take.  Some argue for direct payments to consumers while other argue for governmental "investment" in useful infrastructure.In US history, there are a couple of bright spots where government infrastructure investments have been unqualified successes. The classic case is New York State's Eire Canal, completed in 1825.  Eisenhower's push for the Interstate Highway System during the 1950s is another textbook example.  Both of these are transportation...(Read Full Article)