Obama's first week: The good, the bad, and the ugly

It is probably too early to get a good handle on what kind of president Barack Obama will turn out to be. After all, it's been less than 4 days since he took the oath for keeps.Still, the study of the American presidency is an examination of the exercise of power in a democratic republic. How does Obama turn his comfortable electoral victory into actionable policies and programs?Taking the raw, unformed mandate of victory at the polls and shaping it into a club to get Congress and the various departments to do his bidding has been his first chore. In this, he has succeeded. He controls the agenda. His own party looks to him for leadership, while the Republicans -- both for political and traditional reasons -- are generally inclined to grant him the benefit of the doubt. This so-called "honeymoon" is nothing more than recognition by the opposition of political reality. The Republicans lost by near-landslide proportions, and now that his popularity has skyrocketed during...(Read Full Article)