Nancy Pelosi's neo-eugenics

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, is no economist, judging by her comments made to ABC's George Stephanopoulus, in asserting population growth in the US would be a drag on economic growth.  Population growth usually is an economic stimulant, especially in developed countries. It always is a stimulant in developed democracies with private property rights and free markets. Otherwise we wouldn't have a consumer society. A vibrant economy depends on an abundant consumer class delivering healthy revenue streams to a diverse assortment of producers and, as we're learning all too painfully, a trustworthy credit system.We already have evidence where low birth rates correlate with lagging GDP's such as in most European economies, placing extraordinary pressure on a dwindling supply of Gen X.Y and Zs to pay for expansive post retirement entitlements of their aging parents and grandparents. Moreover, European countries with low indigenous birth rates, resulting in...(Read Full Article)