January 20th, Indoctrination Day

While we are all familiar with the indoctrination that takes place in our schools at all levels of education, I want to share a few letters friends have received from their children's elementary schools regarding planned inauguration festivities.  The letters speak for themselves.  I urge all parents to find out what will be happening in their children's classrooms on January 20th and to speak out against any such displays.The argument you shouldn't hesitate to make is: did you do this for the Bush inauguration? If not, then it isn't appropriate to do this for BHO.  If you did do it for Bush, then your treatment of this inauguration has to be proportionate to your treatment of the Bush inauguration.If the school wants to use January 20th as a teaching moment about the peaceful transfer of power, then by all means, call an assembly, watch the speech, go back to respective classrooms and discuss it in the context of history and civics.   Politics should be left...(Read Full Article)