Defending Conservatives: A Lesson from the Wisdom of Job

The recent worldwide news blitz of Rush Limbaugh's/Magic Negro satire offers an excellent lesson from The Book Job to counter attacks on conservative leaders. William Safire's book The First Dissident: The Book of Job in Today's Politics describes Job as a political dissident not only for demanding to plead his case before the ultimate authority, but also for his refusal to accept the democratic abuses of his friends. The Joban story applies to today's conservative leadership that denounces fellow members for minor faults rather than pointing their attention to our political adversaries. The Book of Job offers important insights to avoid this error.The Joban story revolves around a wager made between Lucifer and God concerning the faith of Job. Lucifer, aka The Accuser, makes the charge Job worships God only because God has favored him. "Allow me to touch all the he has, and he will curse You to Your face", Lucifer accuses. God accepts the challenge. Lucifer is allowed...(Read Full Article)