Defending Conservatives: A Lesson from the Wisdom of Job

The recent worldwide news blitz of Rush Limbaugh's/Magic Negro satire offers an excellent lesson from The Book Job to counter attacks on conservative leaders. William Safire's book The First Dissident: The Book of Job in Today's Politics describes Job as a political dissident not only for demanding to plead his case before the ultimate authority, but also for his refusal to accept the democratic abuses of his friends. The Joban story applies to today's conservative leadership that denounces fellow members for minor faults rather than pointing their attention to our political adversaries. The Book of Job offers important insights to avoid this error.

The Joban story revolves around a wager made between Lucifer and God concerning the faith of Job. Lucifer, aka The Accuser, makes the charge Job worships God only because God has favored him. "Allow me to touch all the he has, and he will curse You to Your face", Lucifer accuses. God accepts the challenge. Lucifer is allowed to destroy Job's family and wealth through senseless tragedies. Job's wife finally encourages him to "Curse God and die". When Job's three friends come to comfort him, they instead begin a series of debates to convince him of an offense to God. Job defends his integrity and finally demands to plead his case before God.

When God appears He overwhelms Job with His power. Job then repents in dust and ashes. Job is now a man forever changed by the presence of God and certain his Redeemer, or Advocate, lives. Lucifer is a cosmic loser, Job's friends get a dressing down from the Almighty for not speaking correctly about Him, and Job is restored twofold in family and wealth. Job's friends are then required to offer a sacrifice, but only the interceding prayer of Job will restore them with God.

The methods of The Accuser are politics erased of character and ethics. It is not without reason Saul Alinsky dedicates Rules for Radicals - "To the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom - Lucifer." Luciferian politics allows the shadiest of characters to freely cast stones at every righteous but flawed man.

The radical left, who hold themselves to no such standards, hold conservatives to a standard of near-perfection. The error of conservative leadership is the same as that of Job's friends: accepting the premise of the left's charge and offering self-righteous "help." The accused is caught in the crossfire. Despite the good intentions of conservative leadership, the effects are the same as if their intentions were bad. Results are every bit as important as intentions and Job's friends were wrong because Job was innocent.

Consider the Middle Name of Obama Brouhaha:

1) Opportunity - Obama's middle name matches that of brutal Middle Eastern dictator.

2) Method -- Luciferians create logic that use of Obama's middle name equals calling him an Islamic Terrorist.

3) Results -- The media destroys the character of anyone using "Hussein" and useful idiots pile on. The GOP discredits own members.

4) Nihilistic Reality -- Obama declares intent to use full name in swearing in ceremony verifying the false nature of the entire saga.

Rush Limbaugh explains the current Magic Negro episode on his website:

They [MSM] took the occasion of what actually was the inappropriate use of elements of this program, (but that's another story). They took the occasion of somebody running for the RNC chairmanship sending out a CD that had this song on it to revive it anew, and frame it and cast it as they wanted it cast. The last person they wanted commenting on it was me because I'm the one who could have set it straight. Newt Gingrich couldn't set it straight because Newt Gingrich was clueless about what this was all about. Instead, Newt Gingrich sends a note to the Drive-By Media saying, "This is wholly inappropriate. I can't believe it! This is not how we reach out."

The Luciferian pattern of attack:

1) Opportunity -- Although Obama commented on the parody in 2007, the subject is brought up again via GOP chairman candidate Pete Saltzman's  c.d.

2) Method -- The Luciferians use the "Soap Opera Sucker Play" where everyone is consulted except the individual actually involved and ask Newt Gingrich his opinion.

3) Results -- Newt Gingrich blames Rush for the situation. Newt is separated from the conservative fellowship. The GOP is divided on issue.

4) Nihilistic Reality -- another untruth about Rush Limbaugh is established in the minds of the useful idiots. This will be helpful in establishing the need for The Fairness Doctrine.

The Luciferians are more empowered and lie in wait for next opportunity.