Ban Ki-moon's bigotry

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon portrays Israel and the terrorists who seek its destruction as morally equivalent-but the news gets even worse.The Associated Press reported on Dec. 29 that Ban "again condemned Israel's excessive use of force...'All this must stop. Both Israel and Hamas must halt their acts of violence and take all necessary measures to avoid civilian casualties. A ceasefire must be declared immediately. They must also curb their inflammatory rhetoric...'"To be "evenhanded" between terrorists and a nation they target is appalling--but the UN chief even falls short of this evenhandedness, as was dramatically revealed during his 2007 Mideast visit when  he laid a wreath of white flowers on the grave of serial killer Yasir Arafat and met with the parents of young Palestinians serving time in prison for terrorism.He did not lay wreaths on the graves of Arafat's victims, nor did he meet with their families. If Ban Ki-moon is...(Read Full Article)