Welcome To ACORN General Hospital

I've been a registered nurse for 30 years, so the future of American health care is one of my greatest concerns. Now that Mr. Obama has won the election, I decided to investigate what may be facing patients and health care workers.I started my research at Barack Obama's website and his Plan for a Healthy America. What a waste of time.  It read like a treatise from a beauty pageant contestant. What kind of medical expertise does Barack have? Remember this youtube  where his teleprompter malfunctioned?  He stumbled through an excruciatingly inept explanation of how health care costs can be lowered if kids with asthma could just be provided "breathalyzers," or "inhalators" instead of cluttering up emergency rooms. This brilliant (as we're told ad nauseam) Ivy League lawyer-savant wants to run our health care but apparently is ignorant of the word inhaler. (There must have been more than one nurse in that crowd shaking her head and thinking, "Great....(Read Full Article)