Warning: What Liberal Change Looks Like After One Year

"Candidate Jimmy Carter said he stood for change." - Associated Press, 11/3/1976Goodness. What a difference a year makes. In fact, a year after Carter's inauguration night, even some Democrats were rolling their eyes. Come, now: Let's revisit history, shall we? Before President Jimmy Carter's January1977 inauguration:November 3, 1976: "What Will Carter Presidency Look Like?" An AP news analysis, by Louise Cook reminds literates that "Jimmy Carter said he stood for change. He left a long list of promises" like Whatshisname.Consider.  "A streamlined bureaucracy"? Yes.  "A new tax system"? Yes. "A pared-down defense budget"? Yes. "Comprehensive national health and welfare reform"? Yes. Change, change, change. But -- okay, whatever -- here's the most interesting point: "In the campaign, Carter did not spell out specifics on most of his major programs, talking instead about general...(Read Full Article)