Obama and Iran

Mr. Obama, our President-Can't-Be-Waiting, will soon pronounce a Message to the Muslims. Maybe from Jerusalem -- who knows? Or Damascus. Both places with a certain historical resonance. The last person who tried a global address, acting as messenger for the Messenger of Allah, was Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. A-jad wrote letters to world leaders, telling them to convert to Islam pronto, or face the wrath of Iran's jihadi warriors. The West didn't even get it. Westerners just don't have the historical framework, and live so much in the present that the idea of an Iranian ruler imitating Mohammed's letter to the emperors of his time, before destroying them, does not even occur to them. So A'jad's hand-written missive to the Infidels was a wasted effort, except to the Faithful, who applauded and looked for the next Mumbai.  What will inevitably happen when Barack Obama, the One, addresses the Muslim world? Ahmadinejad will turn it against him. He represents a rather more ancient global...(Read Full Article)