'Meritalism' not 'Capitalism'

The Left has edited the political dictionary in a way that determines how we are able to think about politics and ideology.  A prime example is the word, "Capitalism," an invention of the silly and evil Karl Marx.   It is instructive how deeply this semantic pathology has reached that people who passionately opposed the manifest horror of socialism reflexively reach back to words like "Capitalism" to describe what they believe to be good."Capitalism," of course, simply does not exist.  It never has.  Using this word to describe the vast oceans of human relationships which Marx sought to bottle up in his shibboleth "Capitalism" accomplishes only the goal which Orwell feared:   It mutilates language and cripples our capacity to understand what "Capitalism" and "Socialism" really mean.  What we call "Capitalism" actually encompasses something much grander and much broader. ...(Read Full Article)