It's Time for Obama to Lead by Example

I opened the Drudge Report several nights ago to a blaring headline reporting that Barack Obama would be purchasing a $30,000 ring for his wife Michelle. Since that report, Obama's handlers have denied the rumor; however, I still wonder where and how it originated. Was there any truth to the story?The Obamas have never given us a reason to believe that such an extravagance, in the middle of a major recession, is unrealistic. Aside from the soaring rhetoric, the lavish spending throughout the campaign served to highlight the massive egos we know as Barack and Michelle Obama.While the press went berserk over the money that the RNC spent to clothe Sarah Palin, they could not sing enough praise for the fashion statement that Michelle made when she wore a Narcisso Rodriquez dress the night of the election. Couture on Michelle is acceptable and even commendable while a wardrobe ultimately intended for charity but temporarily worn by Sarah Palin (who customarily buys her clothes at the local...(Read Full Article)