India, China, and the Disciplinary Society

The world is entering a serious recession.  Most likely in the developed world the hardships will be anesthetized by unemployment and welfare benefits.  But not in India and China.In our American notion, propagated by the elite media, Asian cultures like meditating Hindus and tranquil Buddhists are more peaceable than the US and its "gun culture."  But of course that is rubbish.  India, America learned, has not one but at least three major terrorist threats.  There are the Muslim terrorists, the Hindu terrorists loosely connected with the Hindu nationalist parties, and then there are the Marxist guerrillas, the "Naxalites."  We have nothing like that in the US.Then there's China.  News reports tell us that China experiences thousands of major civil disturbances every year.  And with tens of thousands of businesses closing in the global economic slowdown, workers are protesting and rioting in response.India and China are in...(Read Full Article)