A call for Obama to 'crack heads' in Israel

M. J. Rosenberg is what during the Cold War, would have been called, a useful idiot, in Lenin's phrase. The head of the Israel Policy Forum, Rosenberg has called for President-elect Obama to crack heads (meaning Israeli heads) so as achieve that elusive Israel Palestinian peace deal, which is at the core of all the problems America has in the Middle East, and the absence of which, is destroying Israel's security, if not its soul.Personally, I would prefer America deliver military aid and political support to Israel, not metaphors or pressure. Rosenberg sees all kinds of evidence of Palestinian willingness to compromise and make peace, but sees Israel only stalling, since it will not agree to remove the one critical obstacle to peace: West Bank settlers. Is Rosenberg aware of all the "good will" from Hamas in the form of 5,000 rockets fired at Israel following Israel's withdrawal from Gaza? Is he aware that the Palestinians are not one, but two competing, if not...(Read Full Article)