Thoughts on the election from a Canadian friend

Now that our rather mundane election is done up here to the North, I thought I'd offer some impressions of your election on the eve of it's completion. I am a Canadian who is a big fan of America and have had many great visits, road trips and many friends who live in your great country. I see an election that has pivoted on some important points, few of which are related to any specific issues that most voters would appear to be interested in. First, Obama did not so much win his nomination, as he benefitted from  a grand opportunity of his party to punish the Clintons. He gained through the vote-against factor. I could say unequivocally that any Caucasian male with the exact same "qualifications" and resume as Obama would not only have failed to secure the nomination of his party, he would not have survived the early primary contests. This is the single biggest factor in the race.The vitriol towards Sarah Palin is grounded in a strategy that one can glean clearly from...(Read Full Article)