Racism is Dead

God is dead . . . and we killed him!That's the famous epitaph Friedrich Nietzsche announced to Europe in the late 19th century.  He believed that European intellectual history had arrived at a watershed moment in which God was no longer relevant.  Most people didn't yet realize what was happening, claimed Nietzsche, but future generations would soon learn to live without God.  Nietzsche understood that religious devotees would continue to preach God's existence.  History's great causes don't go away overnight.  But he believed most people would simply tire of the message and quit listening.I'm not attempting to defend Nietzsche's atheism.  But I did notice an interesting parallel as I watched the presidential election results on November 4.Why?  Because American social history has arrived at its own watershed moment.  Something  old and outdated has breathed its last breath across our nation.  Its demise occurred in public view. ...(Read Full Article)