Our Language is the Loser

One of the big losers in this cycle is the English language. Not all of this is new to this election cycle of course, but it does seem to be getting worse. In fact, not only have many words lost their meaning, some have actually become the exact opposite. Here are some examples:Employee Free Choice Act: Of course, this is anything but a "free choice" on the part of employees. This is the proposed legislation which will take away the secret ballot part of union votes. Whether or not to unionize are some of the most heated and dangerous elections ever held in our country, and to remove the sacred secret ballot from these elections would be disasterous. This should be called the union thug free intimidation act - or the "End of Many Businesses" act. Earned Income Tax Credit: Now this is not a new term, but it certainly has been propelled back to prominence with Barack Obama's unscripted chat with an Ohio plumber related to spreading the wealth. The problem with this...(Read Full Article)