Legendary Songwriter Now Marches to an Islamist Tune

Music and real estate mogul Kenny Gamble, alternatively known as Luqman Abdul Haqq, is one of the most powerful men in Philadelphia -- and also among the most controversial. His effort to revitalize dilapidated South Philly neighborhoods stands at the center of the storm. While he grandiosely links his projects to "the saving of America," others have accused him of constructing a "black Muslim enclave." Gamble's story encompasses several themes that define the Islamist enterprise in the West: Muslim lobby groups steeped in radicalism, highly motivated individuals with two-track agendas, and feckless governments that unwittingly enable them. Therefore, Gamble provides an important case study -- if not a warning -- for cities desperate to hand off the problems of urban decay to anyone with resources who comes along.Kenny Gamble rose to notoriety as an influential songwriter and producer in the 1960s. Credited with bringing the sounds of Philly soul to the world...(Read Full Article)