Iraq War: Right Time, Right Place, Right War

It needs to be said: It was smart to go to war in Iraq; it was courageous to go to war; but most of all -- even though there are few things as horrific as war -- it was necessary to go to war against Iraq.  Had we not gone to war against Iraq in 2003, we almost certainly would have done so there or in  another Arab country at another time, and all in less advantageous circumstances.Iraq was the right time, right place, right war.We had to go to war, because the only sure way to ensure our national security is to drain the swamp of terrorism: to finally begin the process of wrenching the Arab world from a culture of backwardness, oppression and hatred toward the West.And as the war seems finally to show some hope of success, it isn't time to leave.  We need to finish the job as we remind ourselves why we are there.Too many forget that there was massive support for the war in 2003: from left to right, Democrats and Republicans; and if many of our European allies did not...(Read Full Article)