Evita Peron Obama

When it comes to Barack Obama, fans of "Evita" have seen this show before.Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber's popular musical, "Evita," tells the story of how Eva "Evita" Peron rose from obscurity to become the first lady of Argentina.Remarkably, many of the lyrics of "Evita" apply equally well to Barak Obama, beginning with the Messianic adoration neither discouraged: "I'm their savior, that's what they call me," sang Evita. Or as the children's choir sang to her (just like they do for Obama):Please, gentle Eva, will you bless a little child?For I love you, tell Heaven I'm doing my bestI'm praying for you, even though you're already blessedEvita was all about inspiring emotions and creating moods, not describing policy details:Instead of government we had a stageInstead of ideas, a prima donna's rageInstead of help we were given a crowdShe didn't say much, but she said it loud.Similarly, Obama supporter David Frum said of Obama's July...(Read Full Article)