Did NBC Risk Employee Lives in a Green Agenda Stunt?

NBC's Ann Curry aborted her quest to find proof of global warming at the peak of Tanzania's Mt. Kilimanjaro.  But at about a half mile shy of her goal, she did find proof that sub-zero degree temperatures and thin, low oxygen concentration air might do a 52 year old woman and her crew serious harm, particularly when altitude safety rules take the back seat to ideology.  For those of you who may not know, as part of last week's silly "Ends of the Earth" series, itself part of their even sillier "Green is Universal" week, the network dispatched four Today show anchors to various locales to discover and teach the world the truth about global warming.  The sweeps week stunt was ceremonially launched during Sunday Night Football when not the stadium but the studio lights gave way to candles for the game's duration.  I kid you not. During the flickering half time, Meredith Vieira, appearing from Australia, where she was sent to make friends with...(Read Full Article)