Credo in Unam Nationem, Sub Deo-Redux

Republicans have been swept aside, consigned to the wilderness, by their own undoing.  The electorate was tired of a prolonged and until recently an incompetent and inconclusive military campaign for Iraq and the war on terror.  Voters made their own referendum on the incumbents' ineptitude failing to execute fundamental government responsibilities, such as oversight of the banking system and financial markets and securing reliable low cost domestic energy supplies.  Meanwhile the Republicans' complicity in enlarging big government and being weak or absentee stewards of conservative ideas allowed the Democrat leftist agenda to be played daily in the mainstream press.  Four years ago, the demise of the Democrats and marginalization of the liberal agenda were possible and predicted even in this space. But the tables now turned upside down need not be cause for despair or disillusion. The conservative movement can find its center of gravity  if it recovers and...(Read Full Article)