Conservatism's blonde moment

Standards of discourse exist for good reasons. They are not only matters of individual honor and personal morality, but have a practical purpose. Once the standards go, and any and all tactics are allowed, the argument is automatically won by whoever has the biggest mouth, whoever adapts the sleaziest tactics, or whoever comes up with the nastiest insults. Most people understand that if you violate the standards, you open a door, and you have to accept anything that comes through. So you don't throw mud, out of the simple practical fear that your target may turn out to own a bulldozer.Commentators in the legacy media have, of course, violated that precept for years, in the ingrained belief that their network or paper owns all the bulldozers in existence. (As for the accuracy of that conviction, ask the staff of the New York Times as the sheriff shows up to repossess their desks and PCs.) But most conservative commentators kept the standards up, partially out of habit, partially out of...(Read Full Article)