Buyer's Remorse on the Left

One after another, we are learning the names of the future Obama Administration. Behold, they are not new faces, nor are they the change agents that Obama's campaign rhetoric promised. Instead, we are seeing Clinton retreads and a surprising move toward the political center. Rather than the far left team of new faces and new politics that the President-elect's supporters dreamed about when they cast their ballots for the "change" they could believe in, we are seeing familiar faces and experienced pols. More than a few Obama fans are experiencing buyer's remorse as they discover that "The One" seems to be abandoning them and their policies.When confronted with the far left's disappointment over the first appointments to be announced, one of the Transition team members responded, "An Obama White House will be focused on meeting the next challenge, not winning the next election."Well, that response does not pass the laugh test!  Or perhaps the correct...(Read Full Article)