A Libertarian Defense of Social Conservatism

Social conservatism is taking a beating lately.  Not only did it lose in the recent elections, it is being blamed for the Republican losses.  If only the religious right would get off the Republican Party's back, the GOP could win like it is supposed to again.  I beg to differ.I'm anything but a social conservative.  In nine presidential elections, I voted Libertarian in six.  I am a hard core "limited government" conservative/libertarian; I want government out of my pocket-book and out of my bedroom.  Concerning my religion, it's none of your business, but I'm somewhere in the lapsed-Catholic-deist-agnostic-atheist spectrum; let's just call it agnostic.Having said all that, I have no problem with "social conservatives" or the "religious right" and their supposed influence on the Republican party.  I base this not on the Bible or historical authority, but on the love of liberty and the evidence of my own eyes.Who are the...(Read Full Article)