A Few Post-Election Thoughts

The State of the Republican PartyIt is not a good sign when Party officials describe a loss of at least 6 Senate seats and 20 or more House seats and the presidency as not all that bad, given the circumstances this year. After the 2004 elections, the GOP held 55 Senate seats, 232 House seats, and the Presidency,  won with a record 62 million votes cast for George Bush, with victories in 31 states. After the last few contested Senate and House races are decided in the next few weeks, the GOP will not hold the Presidency, and will hold 40-43 Senate seats and 175-179 House seats.  To say this is a sea change in 4 years is to understate the shift that has occurred. If one looks back a bit further back to 1992, the Republicans have won the popular vote in only one Presidential election in the last 5, (2004 by 2.4%),  and combining the results for the 5 most recent elections, the Democrats have received almost 20 million more votes than the Republicans, a margin of...(Read Full Article)