Why Obama's socialism matters

For conservatives opposed to an Obama presidency, the last few days have brought the wonder of the smoking gun:  Obama really was a socialist.  Combine that hidden paper trail with his Ayers affiliation, and it's reasonable to believe that Obama still holds these socialist political views.Conservatives' excitement at finally having found the real socialist hiding inside that empty suit is tempered by one thing -- outside of conservative circles, nobody really seems to care.  The media, of course, is very aggressive about not caring, but the malaise seems to affect ordinary Americans as well.  The only way to explain this disinterest in Obama's past and its relationship to his present is that Americans no longer consider the label "socialist" to be a pejorative.  To them, it's just another content-neutral political ideology.  In our non-judgmental age, it falls into the same category as Liberal vs. Conservative, or Left vs. Right.  To most...(Read Full Article)