What McCain Must Do

Three weeks remain before Election Day.During this brief period John McCain either successfully teaches a national course entitled "Who is Barack Obama, and What Will he do as President", or Obama gains the most powerful position in human history -- completely unknown to the electorate who will have given him the job.The story of how Obama is now approaching the pinnacle of earthly political power without ever having to answer for his views, his closest associations, his voting record or his public statements is now depressingly familiar: First, a national media dominated by the poorly educated, the emotionally transfixed, and the left refused to educate the public, because it was in love; second, Obama's principal opponent in his own party refused to educate the public, because she knew that the nomination she would thereby gain would be worthless (the Democrat Presidential nomination is not worth having if the left and the blacks are alienated); and third, Obama's...(Read Full Article)