Time for McCain to ruffle some feathers

The conventional wisdom is that John McCain's only hope for this election is for the economy and markets to "settle down" so that he can focus on foreign policy and Joe Biden's statement that a young Obama "will be tested" with a "manufactured crisis." With one week to go, there is simply no time for settling. I submit that in fact, some more ruffling of economic feathers is what McCain needs. It needs to get so bad that people start focusing on what is causing it rather than who happens to be in the White House while it is happening. Personally, I thought it was already bad enough for such focus. Not so for much of the American public and MSM apparently. Consider:  Today the world's stock markets are continuing to tumble. Let me reiterate - the world's markets are continuing to tumble. That includes more than "the 57 states" that "the tax policies of Bush and McCain" have supposedly tortured for the past eight...(Read Full Article)