Time for a Gut Check, America

McCain and his supporters have only a single battle cry for the last week, but it could be powerful: America, do you want to give unchecked, unlimited, near total power to the left wing of the Democratic Party?  Because, if you elect Barack Obama, that is what you will be doing. If Obama is elected, the Democrats will have not only the Presidency, but almost certainly massive, veto-proof majorities in both Houses of Congress as well. They will be able to do anything they want. Absolutely anything.Are you comfortable with that, America? Do you know and trust Barack Obama well enough to give him power on a level never before possessed by any previous US President?During this last week before election, long after the press should have revealed it, Obama's socialism has come charging out of the closet. Is socialism what America really  wants? Because, with unchallenged control of the Congress, Obama will have the power to give America just that. If Obama wins, the left wing of...(Read Full Article)