Time for a Gut Check, America

McCain and his supporters have only a single battle cry for the last week, but it could be powerful:

America, do you want to give unchecked, unlimited, near total power to the left wing of the Democratic Party?  Because, if you elect Barack Obama, that is what you will be doing.

If Obama is elected, the Democrats will have not only the Presidency, but almost certainly massive, veto-proof majorities in both Houses of Congress as well. They will be able to do anything they want. Absolutely anything.

Are you comfortable with that, America? Do you know and trust Barack Obama well enough to give him power on a level never before possessed by any previous US President?

During this last week before election, long after the press should have revealed it, Obama's socialism has come charging out of the closet. Is socialism what America really  wants? Because, with unchallenged control of the Congress, Obama will have the power to give America just that.

If Obama wins, the left wing of the Democratic Party will have no effective opposition, and it will be able to do all of the following, most of which Obama and his allies have already explicitly promised to do:

  • Massively raise taxes on all productive people, including and especially the middle class, solely for the purpose of redistributing Americans' wealth (anyone who doubted Obama's identity as a radical redistributionist has been disabused of that illusion after Obama's just-discovered 2001 radio talk);
  • By Presidential decree, eliminate every single state restriction on abortion, including late term abortion, "partial birth" abortion, parental notification for minors, and the right of physicians to refuse to perform abortions for reasons of conscience;
  • Drive talk radio off the air, thereby grossly reducing free expression and eliminating one of the most important private sphere checks on government power;
  • Appoint activist United States Supreme Court Judges, who, like the judges Obama supports in Massachusetts and California, will impose homosexual marriage on the entire country, against the will of the people in virtually every state;
  • Permanently alter the socio-economic, cultural, and political makeup of our country, by leaving our border to the south open, halting ongoing federal efforts to encourage return of illegals to their countries of origin, and, worst of all, granting fast-track citizenship to illegals; and
  • Intensify the ongoing use of our public education system as a tool for the indoctrination, rather than education, of our children; and
  • Project a world-wide image of timidity and self-doubt that will only encourage our enemies, as Joe Biden said, to "test" our weak president, thereby increasing the probability of  attacks on America and our allies, all of which makes war more, not less, likely under an Obama  Presidency.

The above is, of course, only a partial list of the consequences of the One-Party State that Obama's election would create.

It is gut check time.

Obama's persistent inability to cross, and stay above, the 50% threshold in the polls strongly suggests that he still engenders great unease among large segments of the populace.

A glance at but one recent poll suggests the probable resonance of the argument that giving Obama total power would be a bad idea:

IBD/TIPP on October 27 has the race tightening, with Obama at 47%, a mere 2.8 points up on McCain. Despite this narrowing of the gap, IBD/TIPP shows Obama continuing to take a larger share than he should among certain demographics:

Conservatives, astoundingly, are giving Obama 20%. Take a look, conservatives, at your concerns -- redistributionist taxes, abortion, and homosexual marriage, to name a few -- and ask whether you want to give Obama complete control.

IBD/TIPP has Obama dividing Catholics evenly with McCain at 44%.  McCain needs to remind Catholics about Obama's  now unarguable socialism, and Obama's stands on abortion and traditional marriage, and ask them whether they want to give the man unchecked control.

IBD/TIPP also has Obama taking 36% of the Protestant vote, almost surely indicating that Obama has fooled too large a share of evangelicals, by all reason and history a core conservative demographic.

It could only help McCain, to force conservatives, Catholics and evangelicals to squarely face the fact that an Obama victory means total control by Obama and adoption of his entire agenda.  

The country is angry and confused in general, and frightened about the economy in specific. Obama and his gang of radical supporters have outspent McCain four or five to one, and, to boot, have enjoyed the unalloyed adoration of the mainstream media.

Under these circumstances, Obama should be approaching 60% in the polls; yet he hovers below the absolute majority in many.

This bespeaks a well-grounded fear of, and uncertainty about, him, a fear and uncertainty not likely to be dispelled in the last week.

For the next ten days, McCain, Palin and their supporters need to relentlessly repeat the question:

America: Do you know and trust Obama enough to give him total control of the United States of America? Do you want Obama to be able to enact his entire radical agenda without opposition?
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