The Second Coming of Jimmy Carter

Barack Obama is taking America down a path modeled by Jimmy Carter, and threatens to be as bad a president as his trailblazer. A unlikely guide unwittingly will help make the case.David Brooks asserted in the New York Times last week that, after watching Barack Obama for two years, it is "easy to sketch out a scenario in which he could be a great president."  [Obama] has shown the same untroubled self-confidence day after day. . . . It's not willpower or self-discipline he shows as much as an organized unconscious.  Through some deep, bottom-up process, he has developed strategies for equanimity, and now he's become a homeostasis machine.And it is easy to sketch out a scenario in which he could be a great president. He would be untroubled by self-destructive demons or indiscipline.  With that cool manner, he would see reality unfiltered. [emphases added]Brooks connected these personality traits with the "unshakable serenity" of FDR and Reagan, which...(Read Full Article)