The Left Tries to Find John McCain's Bill Ayers

Senator Biden's asinine comment about the forthcoming president's "test" provoked John McCain's quick rejoinder: "I've already been tested." Then that French video of the wounded John McCain in a Hanoi prison came along as stark proof. While recently endorsing Barack Obama (for the second time), Fidel Castro made a point to insult the brave and grievously wounded man featured in that video as, "a tool of the Miami Mafia." (i.e. Americans of Cuban heritage who refused to serve as Castro's tools, and today overwhelmingly refuse to serve as the Democratic party's "Hispanic outreach" tools.) Yet Fidel Castro knows full well that John McCain, along with his naval-pilot Band of Brothers --  even under a form of "persuasion" that few of us can even imagine -- serve as tools for nobody, except for the nation they swore to defend. Fidel Castro knows this better than most. No doubt he heard it point-blank from the "interrogation...(Read Full Article)