The Buckley Apostasy

On Friday October 10, Christopher Buckley posted a piece titled "Sorry Dad -- I'm Voting for Obama" on "The Daily Beast" announcing that he intended to do exactly that. It's worth reading if only to see how something completely obnoxious can be expressed in the most whimsical, lighthearted manner conceivable. A cynic might ascribe this sudden apostasy to the fact that Buckley has a new book to promote. But not being cynical (at least not that much), we'll make the effort of taking him at his word. Buckley gives a number of reasons for his gesture, ranging from the incoherent - McCain was once authentic, but now he's inauthentic! - to the asinine: "President Obama will... surely understand that traditional left-politics aren't going to get us out of this pit we've dug for ourselves." (Uhh... are you sure about that, Chris?)These may not be the lamest reasons for casting a vote ever made public, although they're in the running. But all of them can be...(Read Full Article)