Social Issues Can Save McCain

For John McCain, the bad news is that he is slightly behind Barack Obama in the polls.  The good news is that he can still pull out a victory if he starts talking about something he has ignored thus far: the social issues.  Presumably, McCain has not brought up the social issues because he thinks other issues -- the economy, energy, health care -- take precedence with independent voters.  But, while these issues are certainly important to voters, the social issues have decided the last two elections. George W. Bush's position on the social issues, especially homosexual marriage and abortion, is the main reason he has been president for the last eight years. In the 2004 election, church attendance was the strongest predictor of which candidate people voted for, and moral values played an important role in the outcome of that election.  The last two elections were exceptionally close not because the country is divided over the economy or foreign policy, but because...(Read Full Article)