Secret of Obama tax plan revealed?

I have learned how Barack Obama plans to cut taxes for 95% of the public, even though only 60% of people pay income taxes.  The explanation came from a young man calling from an Obama phone bank, one of millions of such calls being made these days.Before we discussed the tax proposals, the college-age caller informed me that:-Sarah Palin belongs to a church whose pastor believes in witchcraft, and that she is anti-Semitic. -Obama will give me government-run health care and will pay for it, and all his other programs, by taxing the rich and corporations. When I pointed out that the wealthy already pay the majority of income taxes, and that corporations don't really pay taxes, that they -- for the most part -- simply pass those taxes on to consumers, he sounded confused, as though they were concepts he had never heard before.-Under Obama's health plan I will be able to go to any doctor, including the most expensive specialists I can find, and the government will pay for it and all...(Read Full Article)