Sarah Palin and the Experience Factor

Why is it that liberal misrepresentations are never fully addressed before they become established as received wisdom? Whatever the topic may be, the left is consistently allowed to set the terms on which the argument takes place. Opponents may then debate minor points, split hairs, and count angels, but nobody ever seems to get around to looking the basic premises over, even when they're transparently bogus. In the past few years we've seen "WMDs were the sole reason for invading Iraq", "CO2 is the major driver of climatic trends", and "Karl Rove is the Devil Incarnate", to consider only three. Each case is demonstrably false, yet each case has been allowed to dominate the public debate.  In the 2008 election, one of these ruling myths is "Sarah Palin does not have the experience to be vice-president." Well, let's stomp that one flat right away: out of all four candidates, Sarah Palin is the only one with any of the requisite executive...(Read Full Article)