Palin Has Everything that Counts

I must admit to being quite taken aback, last week, by Kathleen Parker's insistence that Sarah Palin do the Country and her Party the favor of withdrawing from this race.  One is left to only imagine whether Ms. Parker is of the same mind today, or whether she will now be sending this advice to Joe Biden instead.  As for me and my vote, Sarah Palin has everything that counts.  She has had my admiration since day one, and I've seen nothing of significance to change my mind.  I read Kaylene Johnson's biography, Sarah, this week.  It's the portrait of the hockey mom, "who turned Alaska's political establishment upside down,"  a woman who has produced some rather extraordinary accomplishments for her family, her town and her state, in that order, taking one thing at a time.  According to those who know Sarah best, she has done it not so much with extraordinary talent as with personal drive and hard work.The kind of effort most Americans value...(Read Full Article)