Out of the West Comes an Alaska Cowgirl

It's Frontier Woman vs. Metrosexual Chic! Hold your breath -- who is going to win this clash of the archetypes? This is not just a matter of style -- Frontier Woman triggers a host of very real American associations -- self-reliance, strong family bonds, courage in the face of danger, moral strength, independent thinking. On the other side, Metro Chic has its own hold on our Effete Elites. It all comes down to the Western Enlightenment versus Metro Socialism. Sarah Palin is a mythic figure out of the American imagination. That why she scares the Effetes and Corruptocrats. She's John Wayne and Annie Oakley all rolled into one. Governor Palin is  America's Everywoman, who faced and defeated the Corruptocrats in Alaska. Now she is heading up Main Street along with maverick John McCain, the Arizona sheriff, as the comfortable  townsfolk are hiding scared under their beds.  And that big cattle baron on the hill? He's sneakily trying to undermine and destroy the Girl...(Read Full Article)