Obama's Religious Ruse: His 'Conversion'

Part 2 of 3; read part 1 here.During his presidential campaign, Obama the skeptic has touted his Christian identity as defining who he is. After Christians continued to question his faith's authenticity and evidence of his Muslim background had come to light, the champion of change changed his conversion account and his pandering became uncharacteristically evangelical. One example -- the ruse at the café in December 2007 -- has already been noted in Part 1. His mouthing of evangelical slogans is no more credible now than when he told voters that he has "always been a Christian" because his atheist or agnostic mother "was a Christian," "somebody who believes in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior."[1]A month later, in a questionnaire format that Christianity Today posted online as an "interview," he was asked to describe the nature of his momentous altar-call experience twenty years ago at Trinity UCC. Once again Obama said what he...(Read Full Article)