Obama's campaign built on lies

There have been many lies by Barack Obama in the 2008 campaign that he has tried to mask by shifting his recollections over time.  These include the extent of his relationship with Bill Ayers, what he heard Reverend Wright say during his near 20 year membership in Trinity Church, and his relationship with the vote fraud enterprise, otherwise  known as ACORN.  Barack Obama has made history and then "remade" it -- and he has done so numerous times. But two lies in particular have been especially consequential: Obama's pledge not to run for President in 2008, and his commitment to participate in federal financing for his general election campaign, with its consequent spending limits. The news this past Sunday that Obama raised $150 million for his campaign in September shows the significance of the second lie.The First Big Lie: Running For the PresidencyWhen Obama was elected a US Senator in 2004 he pledged to the voters of Illinois that he...(Read Full Article)