Obama to Critics: Just Shut Up

Lost in the media coverage of the declining stock market is a far more threatening battle being waged, and thus far, lost, in the name of another American market fundamental to a free and democratic nation -- the marketplace of ideas. While the fight to defend a free and vibrant marketplace of ideas from attacks by a politically correct orthodoxy that would regulate civility through the silencing of disharmonious speech was once the province of college campuses, during this election, the battle has arrived at the White House steps. Though Barack Obama has campaigned on the message of rising above partisan agonistics, his campaign has actually engaged in some very troubling tactics that raise serious questions about how he would conduct himself in office.  As demonstrated by the campaign's recent announcement to blacklist the Orlando television station whose reporter, Barbara West, dared ask Sen. Biden a hard question about Barack Obama's tax policies, Barack Obama's campaign for...(Read Full Article)